The Workout

BARRE is an effective fitness method that incorporates dance, Pilates, and yoga into a fun, low-impact workout with visible results. Our Barre class is a complete program that integrates lightweight resistance training, core-strengthening exercises, isometric movements, and incredible stretches. Every class increases your strength, boosts your stamina, and sculpts your body.



 This is a mixed level class. Participants will be given individual instruction based on their level of strength and development. Beginners are welcome!! Beginners are encouraged to take advantage of the free one on one barre tutorial we offer prior to starting group classes.

Core Barre

This is a mixed level barre class that includes mat pilates with an emphasis on core strength. Class formatted for beginners to advanced individuals.

Barre Plus

This is a more advanced version of our Barre Class using a wider variety of exercises and longer, more intense exercise sequences. This class is suggested for those who have taken open level classes, have a solid grasp of the basic form and are interested in taking their work out to the next level.

Cardio Barre

 This class adds some cardio to your barre workout for the best burn ever!!

Triple A

 Triple A is a strengthening and lengthening class that focuses on the smaller accessory muscle groups working in balance with the larger muscles. Light weights, bands and body resistance is used to create toned and lean muscle. This is a challenging class because it requires you to use muscles in many different rotations. Triple A will wake up muscles and help you reach a more balanced and stronger you!

Barre Boutique's Workout Policy

All participants should arrive 10 minutes before class to sign in and get situated.

Cancellation Policy

We work very hard to put our classes together and prepare for all of our clients. Please be considerate and cancel as soon as you can prior to your scheduled class. A fee of $17 will be charged for any no shows or cancellations less than 12 hours.

Barre Socks are Required for all Classes.

All participants are required to wear Barre Socks for all classes or any sock with grippies on the bottom for both sanitary and protectant reasons. If you do not own any Barre Socks, no problem! WE SELL THEM!!! They are so cute and fun!! We have many different colors, designs and styles!